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Lunch & Learn Session: Recap

Heather Nash

Last week, Washtenaw Housing Alliance and community partners hosted a lunch and learn to present findings from the recent NAEH National Conference on Ending Homelessness and Capitol Hill Day. Speakers included WHA Executive Director Amanda Carlisle, OCED Policy Specialist Laura Urteaga-Fuentes, OCED Data Specialist Andrew Kraemer, and SOS Community Services Executive Director Rhonda Weathers.

Each presenter shared key takeaways from the workshops and discussed how their organizations could apply what they learned to current and future projects. The event served as a great training opportunity for local service providers as well as an informative way to engage community members in our mission to end homelessness. View the presentation and notes below. 

Presentation | Amanda's notes | Laura's notes | Rhonda's notes

NAEH Conference Lunch and Learn - Event Photo.jpg