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SHOW UP and SUPPORT Affordable Housing in Ann Arbor

Heather Nash

On Monday, March 18th, Ann Arbor City Council will meet and conduct a public hearing and vote on the proposed Lockwood of Ann Arbor senior housing development located at 3365 Jackson Ave. The proposed development will consist of at least 41 units of affordable housing for seniors for a term of 99 years. Here’s a breakdown of the proposed units:

  • 21 units for seniors earning $39,060 a year or less [60% AMI]

  • 20 units for seniors earning $32,550 or less [50% AMI]

WHA is asking community members to attend Monday evening’s City Council meeting and speak in support of the Lockwood development and the need for more affordable housing in Ann Arbor. Council will be conducting a public hearing for the proposed Lockwood development. No sign up is needed in order to speak. For talking points and further information, please contact Amanda Carlisle or Heather Nash. For additional information about Lockwood of Ann Arbor, see the info sheet below.

In addition to the Lockwood proposal, Council Member Zachary Ackerman [D-3rd Ward] is proposing three resolutions to aid in the development of more affordable housing in Ann Arbor. The resolutions include changes to downtown zoning premiums and building affordable housing on two city owned lots [721 N. Main and 2000 S. Industrial Hwy]. These resolutions will also be brought to Council at the March 18th meeting.

Please contact us with any questions. We hope to see you at Monday’s meeting!