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Letter to A2 City Council RE: Proposed Lockwood of Ann Arbor Senior Development

Heather Nash

WHA Board of Directors recently approved a motion* to write and submit the following letter to Ann Arbor Mayor and City Council members in support of the proposed Lockwood of Ann Arbor senior development on Jackson Road. The proposed development would add 38 affordable housing units (for households earning approximately $32,000 or less) to the city’s affordable housing stock and provide additional housing options for Ann Arbor’s aging population.

In light of the recent loss of 800+ affordable housing units throughout the county in the last 18 months, 200 of which were affordable units for seniors, we support both the addition of affordable units, but also that this developer is exceeding ordinance requirements to provide additional senior affordable housing units.

The Washtenaw Housing Alliance and its Board members, encourages City of Ann Arbor residents to contact City Council in support of the Lockwood of Ann Arbor proposal. Additional information and talking points are included in the letter below.

*Please note, Board Member Howard Lazarus, City Administrator, recused himself from discussion and voting associated with this issue.