OUR VISION: a home for everyone in Washtenaw county.
HOUSING ACCESS FOR WASHTENAW COUNTY 734-961-1999 or visit the website www.housingaccess.net.

Founded in 2000 and located in Washtenaw County, Michigan, the Washtenaw Housing Alliance (WHA) is an unique coalition of thirty-five community-based organizations that serve those experiencing homelessness or those at risk of homelessness.



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Homelessness Facts

Yes, there are people in Washtenaw County who are currently without homes.  Over 4,666 people each year have an experience of homelessness. About 38% of those are families with young children.  While you may not see these families, you can trust that they are as deeply impacted by the dearth of affordable housing in our community as are single adults whom you might assume are homeless.

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Your Support

The Washtenaw Housing Alliance affirms that homelessness is a shared responsibility and must be addressed collaboratively by all institutions, agencies, businesses and individual members in our community.

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